As the consequences of the Covid-19 health crisis are being felt on the short-term rental market, here are the good reasons to transfer your seasonal rental assets to long-term rental with Junot.

1. Search for a serious tailor-made tenant profile with very precise criteria in total transparency with the owner, allowing to ensure the good maintenance of the apartment and to secure the payment of the rents (possibility to benefit from an unpaid rent insurance at a negotiated price, at Junot).

2. An apartment that is regularly maintained by the occupant because it is his place of residence, unlike short-term rentals where the occupants are more volatile.

3. Avoid the incessant turnover which very often harms the neighbourhood and degrades the apartment much faster.

4. Legal framework fully respected in order to avoid high enough fines:

The Paris City Hall mobilized in December 2017 and set up a framework to regulate seasonal rentals & abuse (subletting / empty Parisian apartments over long periods). It decided that it was only possible to rent on a seasonal basis in the case of : It is the owner's main residence and he rents his apartment for a maximum of 120 days / year. This implies that an owner who wishes to rent seasonally in Paris must make a prior declaration to the Paris City Hall. These two declarations are therefore mandatory in Paris before renting an apartment to tourists. Failure to comply with these rules may be punished by a civil fine of up to €25,000 plus a penalty payment.

For long term rentals, none of these constraints apply: no need for authorisation from the town hall, no need to be in a main residence to rent, no obligation to change use entailing costs.

5. Running costs borne by the tenant (electricity, gas, housing tax, internet, household waste).

6. No or few rental vacations, especially in times of crisis.

7. No seasonality for renting.

8. Constant monthly cash flow to ensure financial stability and serenity, thanks to a rent smoothed over the year (forecast of a reliable annual income without unexpected variations).

9. Precise inventory of entry points for requesting the restoration of the property.

10. Apartment rented as a main residence to cope with the restricted flow of tourists in the coming months (border closure due to Covid-19).

11. To offer to its co-ownership the calm and respect of the premises (less traffic, common areas reserved for the strict use of the occupants, no noisy customers, etc.).

12. Possibility of recovering the apartment every year on the anniversary date.

13. In the event of a claim, the landlord always collects the rent from the incumbent tenant.

14. No need to use service and maintenance services.

15. Possible management of the property by a quality agency allowing a serenity close to that of a concierge.

Junot accompanies you and takes care of :

- Carry out a photo shoot of your apartment

- Organize visits & select a quality tenant

- Sign secure contracts

- Carry out the inventory of fixtures of entry and exit, as well as the possible deductions to be made from the tenant

- Manage the work in agreement with the landlord and orchestrate the work directly related to the tenants (batteries, light bulbs, hood filters, replacement of degraded kitchen utensils, etc.)

- Manage the claims in order to preserve the apartment in the same condition as it was entrusted to us

- To accompany you on the evolutions of the rental property market

- Assist you with your rental income tax return

For more information on our services contact us at or at 01 42 55 95 28.

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