Reliable, documented and non-compliant estimates

Our estimates are made by our teams from our sales, notaries' database and comparable offers on the market. All this data is sent to you in the "sales folder".

The power of a network in France and abroad

We distribute our properties to several hundreds of confreres selected in France, and are members of the group of luxury real estate GAIA (Junot, Varenne Agencies, Mobilis Group and Marc Foujols). Internationally, we are members of the LEADING REAL ESTATE COMPANIES OF THE WORLD and LUXURY PORTFOLIO * networks, which bring together 4,600 branches around the world.

A marketing department dedicated to the value of your property

Professional photos, interactive maps, virtual tours, virtual home staging, newsletters, press communication * and internet * ... or only customer file, our marketing department determines with you the optimal distribution for your property.

An "international sales" service to reach foreign customers

Our service takes care of foreign buyers wishing to acquire in Paris and values your property with them. In addition, we distribute your property on the real estate portals of 70 countries in the world *

A reference website

160,000 qualified visitors per year, 20,000 acquirers registered in email alert, ads of a completeness unique in the market and acclaimed by Internet users.

Follow-up, detailed and written reports of the commercial activity on your property

Junot is one of the few agencies to provide you with detailed and regular reports of all the commercial and digital activity of your property, so that you can make the right decisions at the right time.

A legal and technical study of your property to secure the sale

We are demanding and will ask you many items before selling your property, because a prepared file is essential to sell well and avoid disappointments.

A team of specialists who manage a file of nearly 10,000 acquirers

We love our teams and most of us have been with us since the beginning of the adventure. They are trained, supervised and have a rare expertise of their neighborhoods and negotiation.

The "market test"

Junot lets you test the waters with its "market test" service. Get the number of potential buyers for your property, the number of interested people, the prices ...

Junot's exclusive mandate

It allows you to sell more expensive and faster (Junot statistics over 2 years), and enjoy many benefits. This is the mode of sale adopted in all Anglo-Saxon countries.

Ask your contact at Junot.

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