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Do you know the price of your property?

Do you know the price of your property?
Junot, your real estate agency in Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine, gives you the keys to determining the value of your property.

For the past 20 years, Parisian real estate prices have grown almost continuously. However, from one district to another, and depending on the property's characteristics, the price per square meter can vary greatly. What is it like?

Ware the reliable criteria to be taken into account? Junot gives you the keys.

Compare your property with other offers online

Whether you are looking for an estimate of the sale price or the rent of your apartment, it is relatively easy for you to compare your property with others similar to yours currently on the market.

As an expert, we advise you to consult sites such as propriété to obtain a reliable and accurate estimate. The properties must be located in the same neighborhood and have similar general characteristics. You can then deduct a price per square meter which you then apply to your living space.

However, our teams, who know the Paris real estate market inside out, warn you that actual sale prices are sometimes lower than those posted online.

Use of online real estate appraisal simulators

Online real estate appraisal simulators are designed to make these tedious comparisons for you. To do so, they rely on an extensive database and compare the information provided with the latest real estate transactions. Thus, thanks to a sophisticated algorithm, they can estimate a price per square meter and apply it to your property.

First of all, online simulators compare homes with the same geographical location as your property. This is why this database is updated regularly to provide you with the most reliable and accurate estimate possible. It then takes into account the year of construction of the building and its condition. In addition to this, the essential criteria are the surface area and the number of rooms available for the property in question and its general shape and finishes (use of quality materials in particular). Finally, other elements help to define the standard of the services offered by your home: sunlight and brightness, the facing aspect, the presence of outdoor space (garden, terrace, balcony), and a parking space (space, parking lot). These are all elements that enhance your property's value and therefore contribute to increasing its price per square meter.

In short, a price per square meter is deducted from the data you enter online. This price is applied to the surface area of your property that you wish to estimate. We advise you to remain as objective as possible in your answers.

The Junot real estate appraisal simulators

The online estimation module that we offer takes most of the criteria found on other comparators on the web while adding the Junot touch acquired by our teams over many years. Our tool is particularly adapted to the estimation of prestigious properties in Paris for sale and rental. Answer our detailed and intuitive questionnaire and get by email the estimate of your property's sale price or rent. The analysis is based on current Parisian real estate market prices.

The first step to finding out the sale or rental price of your apartment is to fill in the main characteristics of the property concerned: address of the property, type of property, and desired transaction (sale or rental).

In a second step, the apartment's general characteristics and the building (year of construction, number of floors, living area, number of rooms) should be indicated.

Finally, there are the unique features of your apartment or house. They allow you to define its exceptional side to differentiate it from the competition; based on these criteria, a mark-up is applied to the price per square meter. Our algorithm allows us to estimate your property by the reality of the current market. 

Refine your estimate with a Junot real estate agent

Nevertheless, we draw your attention to the fact that an online estimate's result remains an indication. It can in no way be considered as definitive as each property is unique. Thus, your property's price may vary according to a certain number of criteria that cannot all be taken into account by online estimators. This is why only the intervention of a seasoned real estate agent, such as Junot's, will be able to give you a reliable and precise estimate of your property.

Need some advice? Simply write to us via our online form or contact the Junot agency of your choice directly. Junot consultants put all their experience and expertise at your service to provide you with an estimate taking into account the Parisian market as well as all the intrinsic specificities of your property.

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