Glossaire : french to english


à rénover to renovate
à rénover to renovate à restaurer to restore
abonnement standing charge / subscription
abri small outbuilding, often a garden shed or shelter
acajou mahogany
accueil reception
acompte deposit, sum paid in advance
acquéreur purchaser
acquérir to buy
acte authentique deed of sale: legal paper drawn up by a public officer empowered by law
acte de vente a conveyance or transfer of land
acte sous seing privé private agreement in writing with no witnesses
affaire bargain
agence agency
agent immobilier real estate agent
agglomere chipboard, particle board
agios bank charges after an overdraft
alimentation supply (water, electricity etc.)
aménager to convert
aménagé converted
ancien old
ardoise slate tile
arrondissement administrative district of Paris
artisan carreleur tiling expert
artisan maçon builder
ascenseur lift
assurance décès life insurance
assurance décès, invalidité, incapacité covers death, invalidity, incapacity
atelier workshop
attenant contiguous, attached
attestation d'acquisition a written certificate from the notaire that the property purchase has been completed
attestation de propriété proof of ownership of a property
attribution de juridiction formal signing of a purchase contract
autorisation de prélèvement automatique direct debit